Parent Testimonials


Nick is AMAZING!  Teaching music is hard, teaching it effectively to kids is even harder.
My son is 4 years old and studies with Nick via Skype—we don’t live in PA!  It has gone so well, and I am loving seeing the progress.  Nick is patient, fun, and super great with kids. He also has custom-made arrangements and materials for teaching that are waaaay better than anything else I’ve seen.  I would recommend Nick to anyone, anywhere in the world!   -- Briawna A


Our 8 year-old son has been taking online lessons via Skype and he’s learning so much. The lessons are fun and informative and he looks forward to them each week. The instructors are fantastic and fun. – Kirsten D.


My son has been taking lessons from Mr. Tom for the last year and a half, it is the highlight of his week! I am absolutely amazed at the progress he has made. Tom and this program are top notch! I would highly recommend to anyone who has a child interested in learning to play! -- Jamie H.


Electric Guitar Boy Small

I can't speak highly enough of Nick. My 9 yr old son has been taking lessons with Nick for nearly 2 yrs. His progress since day one has been remarkable. Nick has a perfect style and temperament with kids. He is patient, knowledgeable and makes it fun. -- Chris G.


Guitar lessons have been a wonderful experience. My son's love for and knowledge of music have blossomed since starting here. He was playing melodies immediately that he could identify which encouraged him forward with each new challenge. The instructor is always positive and cheerful and encourages not only learning music but also expanding individual creativity. My son looks forward to playing, is excited for his lesson and has applied many teachings to other areas in his life, such as memorizing and saving his mistakes. We have been so fortunate to find this instructor to teach him music which has also expanded his self confidence and self discipline. -- Michele M.


Miss Brooke is fantastic! Not only is she talented as a musician and engagingly kind to work with my shy child, she is also fun! And flexible with her schedule. Her patience and creativity bring out the very best. -- April G.


The teacher is great, and very kid friendly! They take the time the child needs, but don’t drag it out. I would HIGHLY recommend!
-Jon M


The instructor is so patient, kind, and encouraging! My daughter loves going to lessons and even loves to PRACTICE! I didn't think she had any musical ability and she is doing great! Excellent quality and affordable prices, can't be beat! -- Rhea S.


Delaney has an awesome time! The instructors do a great job and she looks forward to her lessons. To see her playing music brings us great joy. She is so proud to share what she learns with us! -- Ralph M.


My son started with Mr. Tom in the Fall of 2017. In just a few short months, he is now able to play several songs (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the ABC son, London Bridge, BINGO) and is also learning how to do chords. He really enjoys playing and practicing guitar as well as singing along. My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and feel so accomplished when he learns to play and sing a song. His confidence has grown and he takes such pride in his guitar playing and singing. Mr. Tom is a wonderful teacher - he has a calm yet enthusiastic manner which makes each lesson fun. We are so glad we started my son's first music lessons. We highly recommend this business! -- Irma D.


Amber is the best!! She is super patient with my 8 year old daughter. She was even nice enough to get her playing the Imperial March from Star Wars for this Star Wars loving Dad!! --Jason C


My child is having a great time learning to play. Instructor is very patient and kind. Relaxed and nurturing. -- Joan G.


My son's teacher is always positive, encouraging, and kind. He strikes the perfect balance--the lessons are both challenging and fun. My son really does love guitar! I can tell because he doesn't just practice because he's supposed to; he picks up the guitar any time to play for fun. -- Joan C.


So glad we decided to give guitar a try! This has been an excellent pursuit for my 11 year-old son. He began this winter as a tentative trial at first, but we soon discovered this was a great fit. My son received his first electric guitar this past Christmas, and has been progressing steadily since. Mr. Tom is a wonderful teacher - friendly, patient, encouraging, knowing just how to make his lessons fun and frustration-free. My son has autism and gets overwhelmed easily, then wants to give up, but this hasn't been an issue at all. Thank you for the gift of guitar lessons, which add a measure of well-being to the life of my son! Definitely well-worth the investment! -- Taffy H.


My daughter (7) has been taking lessons for a couple of months now and is playing and singing so nice! The instructor is great with her. She is patient and gets my daughter on track quickly. This is a fantastic place for lessons!! -- Dawn F.


My son really enjoys his lessons and has been making great progress playing. His teacher is knowledgeable and very good with teaching kids to play. -- David T.


My 10 year old son has been taking lessons with Lydee for a few months and she is great! So professional and fun! My son really responds well to her style teaching. -- Jen B.


We have been taking lessons for about 9 months and my son is playing songs, learning some chords and feeling accomplished with his ability to memorize. This has been a great confidence builder and it’s great having someone who is willing to work with my son at his ability and interest level. They keep things fun and don’t require mastery before moving onto something new, keeping things interesting too! Having the opportunity to start an instrument at a young age with a staff that understands children is something everyone should have!   --Jessica D


My 6 year old son has been taking the classes and he's really enjoying them. The teacher is very patient and friendly, she's awesome with kids. I definitely recommend them for your kid.   --Rob P.


My 9 year old son LOVES his guitar lessons and looks forward to it every week. His instructor is always on time, is very patient, and is very encouraging. I highly recommend to anyone who has a child interested in learning how to play!  --Amber B


Tom is patient and kind during the lessons with our daughter. He challenges her and motivates her. She really has enjoyed the lessons over the past few months and used her own money to buy her guitar!  --Loreal M


Rob is incredibly patient. He has a lot of different choices for music for the kids to learn so they don't get bored playing the same thing over and over. He also teaches how to keep your guitar in tune. My son loves lessons.   --Leigh R