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We love Kids Love Guitar!  Our 8 year old son has been taking online lessons via Skype and he’s learning so much.
The lessons are fun and informative and he looks forward to them each week. The instructors are fantastic and fun. -- Kirsten D.G.

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Why Learn Ukulele?
   Ukulele is an easy & inexpensive instrument for young beginners. 

   Ukulele is a wonderful choice as a first instrument - a great
"first step" for anyone interested in playing guitar later in life.

   We provide a unique, child-centered Ukulele Curriculum.  

My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and feels so accomplished when he learns to play and sing a song.
His confidence has grown and he takes such pride in his guitar playing and singing.
We highly recommend this business!      -- Irma D.

Why Learn Guitar?
   Guitar is one of the easiest instruments for a child.

   Small guitars are affordable and a perfect "fit" for kids.

   Kids love guitars -- they think guitars are cool!

  We provide a unique, child-centered Guitar Curriculum.  

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Nick is AMAZING!    Teaching music is hard, teaching it effectively to kids is even harder.
My son is 4 years old and studies with Nick via Skype—we don’t live in PA!   It has gone so well, and I am loving seeing the progress.
Nick is patient, fun, and super great with kids.
He also has custom-made arrangements and materials for teaching that are waaaay better than anything else I’ve seen. --
Briawna A.

Why Learn Here?
   We've developed unique & effective curriculums -- Just for kids. 

   Our student retention and success rates are above 90% -- Our Students Succeed!

   We know how to make learning:  fun, easy and effective. 

   We provide personal, on-line instruction.  Your child will learn guitar in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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My son has autism and gets overwhelmed easily, then wants to give up, but this hasn't been an issue at all.
Thank you, Mr. Tom, for the gift of guitar lessons, which add a measure of well-being to the life of my son!

-- Taffy H.

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Why Learn Now?
   Childhood is the best time to begin learning an instrument.

   The ability to play guitar or ukulele helps promote social bonding with other children--as well as with adults.

   Learning an instrument helps develop patience, self-esteem, discipline, and social skills.

   Children need a productive "at-home" hobby--now more than ever!

Guitar lessons have been a wonderful experience. My son's love for and knowledge of music have blossomed since starting here.
He was playing melodies immediately that he could identify which encouraged him forward with each new challenge.
The instructor is always positive and cheerful and encourages not only learning music but also expanding individual creativity. --
Michele M.

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